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Hello, scorpionis here, introducing what I believe is the only journal dedicated to Central Texas gardening here on LiveJournal. We do live in a strange place when it comes to the weather, and as such we have a unique skillset. Gardening is as personal as the gardener, but I hope that we can bring our individual experiences together and just maybe help out a fellow dirt-digger with information or a plant swap.

Just a few notes before we begin.

1) Be nice. I know, it seems silly to have to mention it, but apparently sometimes it does. This is a gardening community: we're talkin' about *plants* here, so try to remember that if you get your hackles up because of a thread about mulch or something. What works for me in South Austin won't be what works for the lady up in Jester Hills, so on and so forth. Excessive jerkiness will get you kicked out of our little garden of LJ-Eden.

2) When posting plant reviews, either negative or positive, please give as much information as possible so the rest of us can keep from making a similar error, or discover the perfect solution to that back corner.

3) If you own a business, please restrict any promotional posts to specials, sales, and events that you may be hosting or attending. Post moderately: no more than 3 about the same event over a period of a month. If commercial traffic gets too heavy, I simply won't allow it anymore.

4) Speaking of events, post about them! Even ones that aren't necessarily in Central Texas: some of us like to travel, especially to an event specifically about something we're interested in. But post moderately: no more than 3 about the same event over a period of a month.

5) I almost forgot one of the most fun parts of gardening: swapping! There are already venues for such established on Craig's List and 'Yahoo! Groups' (look for austinplantcycle), but feel free to post about those extra plant babies you have leftover from dividing them, or those seedlings you have WAY too many of. "Wanted" posts are okay as well, but only one: don't be a pest about it.
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