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seed season!

Posted by austingoddess on 2009.01.13 at 13:56
It is that time, and I'm all excited. :)

But like most urban gardeners, I never need all the seeds I get in a packet. So I thought I would share my current list here and see if anyone else is interested in going in with me on an order from Park Seed, who has reasonable prices. I will be getting mostly organic consumables, mostly heat/drought-tolerant perennials, and some vines. Most of my list was pulled from their seed sale, which starts at $.75/packet.

Plains Coreopsis
Spinach Bloomsdale Longstanding
Basil Magical Michael
Basil Minimum
Basil Dark Opal
Glory Vine Tresco Mix
Corn Bonus Hybrid (baby corn)
Verbena Sandy Scarlet
Verbena Touch of Style
Iresine Purple Lady
Cathedral Bells Vine Royal Plum
Cypress Vine Mix
Dichondra Silver Falls (I'll want a whole packet to myself, but we can get a 2nd one. It's been a great short trailing vine, which was what we needed for our front bed.)
Organic French Bean Purple-Podded Climbing
Tomato Cherokee Purple Organic
Tomato Chocolate Cherry
Tomato Cherry Sweetie Organic
Organic Carrot YaYa Hybrid
I'll also be growing some organic bell peppers, but I just get the seeds from the pepper.

If you have something else you'd like to suggest, or another seed you want to add to the above order, just let me know.
I plan to order within the week!

Posted by east_side_patch on 2008.12.17 at 13:57

Lichen on one of my moss boulders.
If you didn't already know lichen have cool names too:  Powder-tipped antler lichen; black-eye lichen; bloody heart lichen; cowpie lichen; elf-ear lichen; five-o-clock shadow lichen; hairball lichen; naked kidney lichen; tattered rag lichen; and blackened toadskin lichen; rock pimples, earth wrinkles, angel’s hair, freckle pelts, fog fingers, dragon’s funnel, tar-jelly, and old man’s beard, and fuddy dunster to name but a few!
Okay so I made the last one up.

Posted by east_side_patch on 2008.08.05 at 22:22

My Pet giant Squid...
I just want to introduce myself and my blog, and say Hi. 
I am in Austin.

[fades] browns and reds

I probably can't cook ice, either.

Posted by spottylogic on 2008.06.27 at 14:39
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Latest failure in the garden, purslane. I know that I get this stuff growing wild in my front yard, but as soon as I try to cultivate it, it dies.

Quick question - is purslane - the weed, not the ornamental, if it matters - at all sunlight sensitive? I kind of assumed that since it's a fairly agressive weed, It'd be able to survive Austin summer. Was I wrong? The seeds germinated, but they never got over an inch high, then they became what some professionals call "dead."

tinker bell

dumb question

Posted by lucyloveslave on 2008.06.12 at 14:18
my lovely lantana seems to form berries very soon after flowering in the early summer. then no more flowers. whats the deal? I see lantana blooming all summer all over town. what am I doing wrong?
I have at least 8 plants, in various varieties.

[fades] browns and reds

Not-so-anise hyssop--

Posted by spottylogic on 2008.05.21 at 12:43
Picked up some anise hyssop in Fredericksburg. If you're not familiar with this plant, it's a tall (2-3') herb with large, heart-shaped leaves and a spire of edible purple flowers. The leaves smell fantastic, like licorice candy, and the flowers are supposed to be sweet, nectar-filled little wonders, and they self-plant from seed. Even grows well in this area.

Well...that's the theory, anyway. Mine has decided that it's really not so great. The rich scent to the leaves has faded, so you can hardly smell it. Anyone have this plant and have this problem? Maaaybe I'm just not feeding it enough, but it's got fresh soil.


Bell Peppers with black bugs under leaves

Posted by madamealexis on 2008.05.21 at 09:54
Yesterday I saw a lady bug on one of my bell pepper plants. I noticed black balls under the leaves that I assume are some kind of bug eggs. If this is from the lady bug I don't want to wipe them off the leaves. If they are something that will eat up my plants I want to get rid of them.

The plant with the most of these black balls are the one the lady bug was interested in. I have another plant that has them but not nearly as bad.

Can someone advise me on what to do and if I have to clean the leaves tell me the best way to do it. I thought perhaps soapy water to wipe the leaves with.

Om Mandala

Chicken Wire

Posted by ilana_gefen on 2008.05.03 at 15:40
Hi, everyone

I have not posted here before. I enjoy seeing photos of your gardens, though!

Does anyone know where to find chicken wire in the Austin (preferably North Austin) area?



looking for trellis ideas

Posted by austingoddess on 2008.04.29 at 14:54
We're looking for a way to get the vine on our back fence (virginia creeper, crossvine, trumpet vine) up 10+ feet to the live oak so that the vines can grow through that. Basically what we're shooting for is a curtain of foliage to screen off the rear neighbor.
I was thinking of using netting, since it would decompose after a while. Has anyone here tried that? What do you use when you want a very tall trellis?

june 2007


Posted by malaka on 2008.04.23 at 10:36
I was wondering if any of your hostas have come back up yet this year? I planted mine last year in a nice shady spot and they did well. They bloomed in the fall, but I suspect it was due to the spring-like temperatures we were having.

Then they died back, as expected. But so far, there's nothing coming up at ALL. Am I being impatient, or have I lost them?


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